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Your Commitment

Prior to an initial consultation, you will be provided with a questionnaire. This will give you an indication of information we need and what you will need to decide. This will form the basis of a focused discussion, email exchange and/or video call/discussion. ​

At this stage you are under no financial obligation to proceed.

Once you have had the discussion (in which fees will be confirmed) you will be under obligation to pay. 


Our prices vary upon the type of wills and the instructions taken.   
We therefore recommend an appointment with our team to get an idea of the likely costs. There is no charge for the initial appointment; it is at our own expense.

Current Indicative prices are:

Service ProvidedHK $
1. Initial consultation (by email, Skype, phone) for up to 1 hour and questionnaire review ​
Included in fees below
2. Single will, single jurisdiction
3. Two wills, two jurisdictions 9,000
4. A Couple as per service #210,000
5. A couple as per service #315,000


1. Additional complexity and /or additional legal documentation e.g.

  • Powers of attorney
  • Letter of wishes
  • Trust deeds
  • Transfer deeds

will be charged extra.

Fees to be confirmed after initial discussion.

2. Fees can be paid in alternate currencies e.g. USD,AUD, NZD, GBP if required. Amount to be determined after initial discussion.

Who can make a will?

Anyone who is at least 18 years old can make a will. (if under 18, different rules apply. This can be discussed based on your particular circumstances)
If it is later proved to a court that a person who made a will, or changed a will, was not at the time, competent to manage his or her affairs, in relation to his or her property, the court can decide that the will made by that person is invalid.

How do I make a will?

Because of the importance of your will, the law says it must be made in a prescribed manner. SPQR Ltd ensures that you will make a valid will, as long as you carefully follow all of the advice and carefully follow all of the steps that you are advised to take. We will guide you through the process.

How long does it take to have a will in place?

We run a service that can draft for you and your clients, a will or related document(s) in c.5 working days (subject to receipt of all relevant information). Initial drafts are by email, saving time and planning. More detailed discussion can be arranged by phone, Skype  FaceTime or other media of your choice.


When should I review my will(s) ? 
Having written a will you should review it on a regular basis - in particular when significant events in your personal life occur e.g. marriage, birth of a child, and death of a friend or close relative. ​

We are a married couple can we share one will?
For each will, there can only be one person whose will is being made. Two people cannot make a single will together. They must each make separate wills.

Can i just have one will to cover all my assets?

​Yes. If you live, work and have assets in only one country, a simple will may suffice; for more complicated situations, you may need more than one will. You can have one will to cover all jurisdictions, but this is not recommended for the following reasons:

  1. Each country may have different laws governing disposal of assets and tax. What you decide for one country may not apply in another.
  2. Speed and ease for your beneficiaries. Only having one will will complicate and delay the process of distributing your assets. It may incur additional legal costs and considerably delays in the process.

Of course it depends on individual circumstances and we can consider this option during initial discussions.

Do I really need a lawyer to write my will? 
No you don't. But it is worth considering whether you need an expert's help. The costs of legal advice are a fraction of the cost of problems you can create by writing an invalid will. If you have assets in more than one country, we recommend that you consult lawyers in the relevant jurisdictions or consult a lawyer with multi-jurisdictional expertise. A badly worded will could lead to relatives being saddled with massive legal fees and significant delays in distributing your assets. Are you willing to take that risk?

Why not use a will writing kit?
While will writing kits are available from shops and online for next to nothing, you need to consider if you would do your own plumbing or electrical work if you had no training or experience? There are many things to consider when making a will such as provision for your loved ones and any special needs they may have (e.g. if they are minors when they inherit), the appointment of guardians, Inheritance Tax planning and provision for your favourite charities (e.g. if they cease to exist).