OUr OTHER Services to Meet Your Needs

Reputational risk advisory services
Advice and assessment of reputational risk issues that could arise and should be considered in advance.

Reputational risk issues cover concerns raised by environmental, media, NGO, religious and political activists or agencies.

Corporate governance advisory
Legal and best practice advice on corporate governance issues. 

Project management
Whether the project is large or small, finding the right people to work on it is crucial.

Success depends both on planning and communication.

We have excellent organisational, managerial and communication skills and will produce the results required to deliver your project.

Non-executive director positions and adviser to NEDs
Our Managing Director, Sarah Pearson has extensive experience in derivatives, litigation, regulatory enquiries and investigations, share and asset acquisitions and disposals, reputational risk, fund creation and management and in good governance.

Sarah is prepared to consider non-exec director roles and SPQR Ltd can advise on roles and responsibilities of NEDs.

We specialise in wills and estate planning, regulatory, legal and reputational risk consulting

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